Call Centre

Telephonic service designed to handle large number of inbound and outbound calls. Call centre is an advantage the firm has over the competition in modern business. A firm either from a product or a service industry takes valuable input from its call centre where the customers interact directly and share their feedback and suggestion.

Inbound Call Centre

A call centre, where the customer dials to the defined number of the firm and gets required information is usually known as an inbound call centre. Telecom, bank, airlines, internet service providers and other business arenas have their inbound call centre in place.

Outbound call centre

A call centre, where the firm initiates calls to its customer to offer product and services, take feedback, collect voice of the customer and carry other surveys is usually known as an outbound call centre.

Skills required to befit a call centre job

  • Learning Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Handling Skills
  • Team work and Individual capabilities
  • Telephone Etiquettes and the ability to respond professionally to clients on the telephone
  • Basic math, logic, analytical and telephone problem solving skills
  • Ability to follow specific instructions
  • Telephone problem solving skills
  • The candidate’s ability to use proper grammar
  • Vocabulary skills relevant to a call center position
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow specific instructions